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Catering Products

Ciabatta Loaf / £2.00 each

A classic 350g loaf has a light textured centre with large holes typical of this bread style.

Light textured, distinctive flavour, soft and chewy crust

Crust develops delightful crispy bite when oven heated

5 day shelf life from delivery

Perfect for freezing with quick defrost time

Easily absorbs moisture making it perfect for dips, flavoured oils, soups and stews

Mini Ciabatta / 70p each

Sold in packs of 20


Our mini Ciabatta is approx 18cm long. A good size single serve option which is perfect for:



Open sandwiches

Garlic bread

Long Rolls / 50p each

Sold in packs of 12 

Each roll is slightly different as this is a hand-made product. Perfect for:

Smaller serve panini


Occasions when a larger roll is required. 

Burger Buns / 60p each 

Sold in packs of 20

This artisan bun (approx 9cm diameter) is a credible alternative to the current trend for Brioche. With its firmer crust it has a better ability to hold a burger and its additional elements. The open texture is perfect for retaining meat juices and condiments. Chefs love the rustic uneven floured top. These are also suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Different sizes can be made to order.

Focaccia Buns / 70p each

Sold in packs of 20


This rosemary scented olive oil enriched bun is another good alternative to Brioche. Adding depth of flavour to Mediterranean antipasti, sharing platters and baked cheese. Vegetarian and vegan these versatile buns can also be used for plant based burgers.

Focaccia Sheet / £12 per sheet

 60cm x 40cm. 

This classic focaccia sheet is enriched with rosemary and extra virgin olive oil.  Uncut it is versatile with many applications.Cut in strips to accompany dips and sharing platters. Cut horizontally to use as sandwich bread

Cut horizontally to fill and cut in small squares for canapés

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