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Franchise Opportunities


In the last 6 years Valeriana has been focusing on developing a business model towards a franchise growth.


The bakery is situated  in Lodsworth, near Petworth in a beautiful countryside area. The baking is done twice a week, on Wednesday for shops with Thursday morning delivery and on Thursdays production for caterers with Friday morning delivery. Four days work and 3 days off! 

The shops route goes in a kind of circle around the bakery (about 150miles) covering  Guilford, Horsham, outskirts of Brighton, Chichester, Winchester and Peterfield along with an internal local route.

Most shops are on standing orders every week all year around. Farretti bread works in synergy with other bakeries and it offers only one kind of bread.


This model of bakery can be easily duplicated elsewhere in UK and EU and Farretti brand is trademarked all over Europe. 

The franchise model that Valeriana has developed is very simple but solid. Not much money required to take on a Farretti bakery franchise. Each future franchising  model won't allow much for growth but it will give a stable income with very low risks. The key point is to produce every week fantastic bread with all love and passion possible, all the rest are pleasant consequences :) 

Farretti Bakery 

Lodsworth, West Sussex 

Farretti Bakery is based in a converted stable in the picturesque South Downs. This is an area of outstanding natural beauty. The bakery was established here is 2005 and rebranded in 2010. Today Farretti bread is sold to farm shops and caterers in the South East of England. 


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VAL@FARRETTI.COM / TEL: 01798 860966


GU28 9BQ  -  UK

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